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Concrete and Stone Floor Repair

Floor Problem Areas – Repair and Protection

Belzona offers a variety of concrete repair composites, coatings and slip reduction systems for concrete and stone floor repair, resurfacing and protection.

Belzona provides a wide range of polymeric concrete repair composites and coatings for the repair, resurfacing and protection of concrete and stone floors, as well as slip reduction flooring systems. Our fast-curing and impact resistant materials will minimize application downtime, ensure long-term protection and improve safety of refurbished and new floor areas.

Damaged and worn concrete and stone floor areas can be quickly repaired and protected using Belzona concrete repair products and epoxy coatings that will:

  • Provide outstanding impact and abrasion resistance
  • Offer much faster cure time compared to concrete, minimizing downtime
  • Improve safety by using Belzona's slip reduction flooring systems
  • Provide excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals
  • Ensure no shrinkage irrespective of thickness applied allowing sealing of irregular contours
  • Offer waterproof flooring using Belzona's waterproof coatings
  • Provide outstanding adhesion to concrete and other surfaces
  • Avoid expensive structural rebuild
  • Eliminate the need for specialist tools
  • Reduce health and safety risks as our materials are solvent-free

Concrete epoxy repair composites

Belzona concrete repair products are widely used to repair and protect damaged and deteriorated floor areas including concrete cracks, expansion joints, spalling concrete, stair treads, channels, dry joints and gratings. Repair composites such as Belzona 4111 (Magma-Quartz) and Belzona 4131 (Magma-Screed) are ideally suited for concrete and stone work resurfacing and rebuilding whilst offering outstanding chemical and impact resistance

Large uneven surfaces, deep holes and cracks can be repaired using Belzona 4154 (Bulkfill Resin). This multi-purpose, epoxy-based, resin repair system offers a versatile and cost-effective bulkfill solution, designed to be mixed with locally sourced aggregates such as sand, quartz or crushed stone. This must be subsequently overcoated with a Belzona 4000 Series repair material or protective coating.

We also offer high temperature resistant epoxy repair materials, such as Belzona 4181 (AHR Magma-Quartz), which is specifically designed to provide long-term heat and chemical resistance for areas including chemical bunds, channels and sumps.

In addition, flexible rubber repair materials, such as Belzona 2211, can be used for the creation and repair of concrete expansion joints for long-term performance. They provide a cost-effective solution, appropriate for applications where high build, durability and elasticity are required.

Floor coatings for concrete protection and safety enhancement

Belzona offer a range of coatings, which provide slip reduction properties and are available in a range of bright colours for safety enhancement. Coatings such as Belzona 4411 (Granogrip) will improve safety by providing slip reduction flooring in potentially dangerous areas including ladder rungs, stair treads, ramps, walkways and areas around machinery.

Floor coatings such as Belzona 5231 (SG Laminate) incorporate durable aggregate and are used to provide long-term protection of concrete and other substrates even for large floors in areas including laundry rooms, workshop floors and manufacturing plants.

Our concrete repair composites and coatings are suitable for other application areas such as:

  • Grouting runway lights
  • Grouting bolts
  • Foot and vehicular traffic areas
  • Industrial and storage facilities
  • Chemical storage areas
  • Kitchens and workshops
  • Metal and concrete stairs
  • Tank floors
  • Tiled floors
  • Bridges

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